Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Arm Knit Cowl!

Wow Wow WOW!!!!!!

I have found the most wonderful tutorial!!!!

Arm knitting...

I have never knitted in my life. Honestly it looks confusing. However, I found this lovely blog through Pinterest and in it, a tutorial of how to arm-knit a scarf/cowl. She even posted a neat video that explains it so well. A beginner like me could understand and be successful on the first try :) Thanks Maggie!!!

My wonderful hubby took Baby Girl, and I was able to make this beauty in exactly 30min with 1 skein of Lion Brand- Wool Ease Thick and Chunky, and my arms of course. :) Neat huh?

I think I have found a new favorite. I know what I am going to give for gifts this year :)

So soft and warm!

Ah! This makes me so happy. I think I found a new favorite :)

I still consider myself a crocheter, but I might start dabbling in knitting... who knows.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Braided Eternity Scarf

Hey all!

Well, here is my first attempt at my own pattern. Woohoo!!! I'm sure I'm not the first to create this scarf. Actually, I'm positive I'm not cause I saw a picture of a similar scarf on Pinterest. :) That was my inspiration. But I didn't find a pattern. Soooooo... I created one!


Please forgive any mistakes I made. If you have any questions about the pattern, feel free to ask and I will try by best to clarify :)

For starters, I think I used about 3oz of yarn (you can pretty much use scraps for this scarf)

I used an H (5mm) crochet hook
(This pattern is pretty flexible, so you can use whatever size hook you feel inclined to use) :)


:::Terms used:::
Ch: Chain
St: Stitch
DC: Double Crochet
SC: Single Crochet


Ch 150
DC in 3rd st from hook
DC all the way across. 
Ch 2, turn. DC all the way across, DC in top of Ch 3.
*Ch 2, turn, DC across*
Repeat *-* 2 more times or until desired thickness (mine was 5 rows total)
Fasten off

Repeat pattern 2 more times (3 "strands" total)

SC along the long sides in a contrasting color

Now, Line up the 3 strands side by side and SC across the top (attaching them together)
Braid them, then line up the ends and SC across to hold together. Bring the two sides together and SC or whip stitch them together. Weave in ends

There you have it! 

Pretty cool, huh

Have fun crocheting and good luck! :)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ripple Fun

Well hello everyone! Welcome to my little creative corner.

I have created this blog as an outlet for my creativity. I absolutely LOVE making and creating things! Crochet has been my newest hobby. When winter hits and snow falls, all I want to do is curl up with my hooks, some yarn, fun music and create. I find crochet completely relaxing. I feel so accomplished when I finish a project, don't you? Lately I have been making various earwarmers for myself, friends, and my new baby girl. I am still new to crochet, so I have not made many patterns myself, but I love finding free patterns online and adding my own touch.

 For starters, I am about to embark on a new project/journey. A blanket. And not just any blanket... a RIPPLE Blanket! Daunting, yes. I have heard many stories of people starting blankets, fully meaning to finish, but for some reason or another unable to complete it. My hope and goal is that since I have this blog, and I have you readers to answer to, You will help keep me motivated. :)

 I found this wonderfully awesome pattern on this wonderfully awesome blog. Lucy does such an amazing job explaining her pattern. :) Thanks Lucy!!!

 Well, last night I took the first step on this journey. I picked and bought the colors. AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! Big decisions! I live in a small town and so don't have a lot of yarn options, but there is a Joanns near by. Since I am still relatively new with crochet, I don't have a ton of experience with yarn. I am kinda picky with textures and I LOVE soft fabrics. I have found that Caron Simply Soft is exactly what I'm looking for, so I will make my Ripple Blanket with it. Now to the colors. There are soooooo many to choose from. So many color combos. I had to decide what feeling I was going for. Bright and cheery, soft and relaxed, bold and wild. I have always loved the colors associated with the northern coast. Calm blues and grays of various shades. Well, I found what I was looking for in the isles of Joanns.

Cute basket huh? I got it from my sister-in-law :) It's perfect for housing my projects.

My wonderful puppy Kami, posing for the camera :) I love her.

Lovely isn't it? I can't wait to be wrapped in this rippling goodness. Wish me luck on this new adventure.